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Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim

Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim

Organized by: Turkish Olympic Committee

About Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim

The Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming is an annual event held in Istanbul, Turkey. The event is a popular open-water swimming race that crosses the Bosphorus Strait, connecting Europe and Asia.

The race starts at Kanlıca on the Asian side and finishes at Kuruçeşme on the European side, covering a distance of 6.5 kilometers (4 miles). Swimmers from all over the world participate in the race, which is organized by the Turkish Olympic Committee.

bosphorus cross continental swim
bosphorus cross continental swim

The Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming usually takes place in July and is part of the International Bosphorus Swimming Races. The event is open to both amateur and professional swimmers, and participants must be at least 15 years old.

To participate in the race, swimmers must register online and pay a registration fee. Swimmers are required to provide a medical certificate confirming that they are fit to participate in the race. Safety measures are taken during the event, and swimmers are accompanied by boats and rescue teams throughout the race.

The Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming is a unique experience that allows swimmers to cross the iconic Bosphorus Strait and enjoy breathtaking views of Istanbul. It is a challenging but rewarding event that attracts swimmers from all over the world.


Bosphorus cross continental swim distance

 the Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race is performed in a 6,5 km

Thanks to the increasing yearly interest, this adventure, which began with the participation of four female and 64 male athletes in 1989, has grown to become an important part of the Turkish sports tradition.


Here are the top three results in men’s and women’s categories:


1- Ömer Tara (Turkey) (47.39)

2- Dimitar Videnov (Bulgaria) (49.57)

3- Arda Kip (Turkey) (50.10)


1- Nilay Erkal (Turkey) (52. 38)

2- Deniz Güngöroğlu (Turkey) (53. 33)

3- Ekinsu Tezel (Turkey) (53. 34)


Take part in one of the most iconic open water swimming events in the world .

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Duration: One Day


Across the Black Sea , Istanbul



Turkish Olympic Committee


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