Uzungol Travel Guide – A Gate to Paradise

Uzungol /Trabzon /Turkey

Uzungöl, is a lake situated to the south of Trabzon city, in the Çaykara district of Trabzon Province, Turkey. Uzungol is also the name of the village on the lake’s coast.

Uzungol is a highland village, has become one of the focal points of the local and foreign tourists on the Black Sea with its natural beauties. continues to be one of the frequented tourist spots with its activities such as hiking and paragliding.

The main source of income of the region is tourism.

Uzungol lakeThe neighborhood is named after the lake was founded. The lake was formed when the rocks falling from the slopes blocked the road of Haldizen Creek. The forested area of ​​Uzungol is the oldest of the temperate zones on the earth.

The region is covered with lush vegetation all year round as it receives snow in winter and rain in summer as a characteristic of the typical Black Sea climate.

Uzungöl turkeyUzungol is the perfect place for those looking for peace, so it may not be for you if you want to walk around constantly and get a lively holiday.

However, if you want to enjoy nature more, you can take part in nature walks, ATV or jeep safari tours that are held almost daily especially in summer months. Besides, if the wind is not severe, you can take a paragliding with the professionals and take a look at Uzungöl from above.


Camping in Uzungol

Camping in Uzungol
Camping in Uzungol

here are many facilities in the area that can meet your needs for a comfortable camp such as restaurants, markets, toilets, and showers.

The area that receives many visitors for the camp offers you a wonderful camping area for hiking, enjoying the magnificent view and breathing the black sea air.


If you want to stay in Uzungol, accommodation is quite large; apartments, motels, bungalow houses, hotels, and hostels are spread around the town and the lake. Among the hotel recommendations, you can choose the Akyüz brothers hotel.

If we talk about accommodation prices; In winter, it is possible to find double rooms for 100-150 TL. In summer, these prices can go up to 3-4 times.

I can say that Uzungol is one of the best places to visit in Turkey, don’t forget to write it down on your list for Turkey’s best destination for your next vacation.

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